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And then there’s the clouds.... my husband read something about this mathematical formula called the “golden ratio”. This formula is formed from the number Phi, named after the Greek sculptor Phidias, who helped to craft the columns in ancient Rome. The curves of the columns were derived using this formula because it was believed that it has “aesthetically pleasing properties” and it made anything crafted using this formula soothing to look at. So, far be it from us to argue with Mathematics and ancient Roman sculptors, especially when it comes to soothing toddlers.

So no vinyl safari animals for our wall just yet. We ordered a Safari decal set online but unfortunately you could see through the vinyl when it was attached to the wall. And no one wants a sky blue monkey! So we’re going to find other vendors and see what we can come up with. For now, our kids can enjoy the tranquility of our “The Sound of Music” wall!