Swiss Family Childcare

The “spin-art” part is really easy. All you need is an old tupperware, 2 - 3 bouncy balls, a splash of paint, something you want to splatter paint onto, and a child with a ton of unbridled energy! You end up with some really neat designs that you can incorporate later into your projects. And it’s so easy that even the youngest of our artists get into it!

After the kids were done with all of their movin’ and shakin’, I had them paint on their vases to finish their project off. The final projects came out really neat and made for a wonderful new keepsake idea this year.

On Valentine’s Day, all the kids brought little Valentine’s for each other so of course we had to decorate bags for the valentines to go into! And no Valentine’s Day is complete without a game of Cupid’s Arrow. After explaining how people used to believe in a flying baby named Cupid who would make people fall in love with an arrow,  we had target practice using construction paper hearts and Q-Tip arrows, as we launched them towards their target!

And heart shaped food helps ease our babies into naptime...