Swiss Family Childcare

For the silent auction piece of the night, each class had to make a basket full of various items that were purchased and donated by their parents and teachers... And we found the perfect basket for Swiss Family Childcare to bid on! With all of the Mickey and Minnie lovers and the fact that spring is fast approaching (what winter?!?), a Disney themed planting basket seemed ideal. By the end of the night, we were excited to find out we were the highest bidder. It was a pretty lucky night for a few folks, as the friends we were sitting with also won a “Nothing Bundt Cake” that they bought a raffle ticket for! There was a lot of excitement at our table for a while and everyone enjoyed the night as we all watched the kids do their best break dancing impressions.

We’ve got to hand it to Mrs. Conde’s kindergarten class, they put together one amazing basket that included Miracle Grow Potty Soil, a Mickey Rake, a Minnie Shovel, Some Flower Seeds, Some Veggie Seeds, Minnie Gardening Gloves, Mickey Gardening Gloves, A watering can, a planter, some kneeling pads, and a lot of other stuff! Since the big night, the kids have really shown a passion for planting the flowers and the veggies and we’ve even seen our first sprout! They get really excited for outdoor play now and everyone waits patiently for their turn with the watering can. Thank you to Mrs. Conde and her Kindergarteners!

The Rancho Rosal Family Dance & Silent Auction @ Aviation Museum in Camarillo.

Miss Sabrina: Winner of Mrs. Conde’s Kindergarten Class Basket!

Our First Sprouts!!!