Swiss Family Childcare
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As the kids have been busy outside with watering and caring for our new flowers, I’ve incorporated some simple flower fingerprint crafts to celebrate the occasion.

Any type of “print” craft is great as it can help not only to celebrate a specific holiday but can also mark a specific moment in time when your loved one’s fingerprints, handprints, toe prints, or foot prints were that tiny. It’s fun to look back on and it brings you back to some tiny memories...

This time around the fingerprint crafts were a little sentimental for me. If you’re a prospective parent wanting to enroll your child in Swiss Family Childcare, you may have noticed we haven’t had an opening in over a year now and I’ve been lucky enough to have three of my girls for over two years now. I’ve literally watched them group up in front of my very eyes.

We’ve done fingerprint crafts in the past and it’s always been “Let Miss Sabrina help you” as I guide their unsteady finger into place for their take home craft. But this time, my two youngest girls did their fingerprint craft all by themselves...

Finally, we had a fun time doing more flower related paint crafts by having Miss Sabrina carve a tulip shape out of a brown potato that was sliced in half for fun tulip stamping.

It’s always fun for the kids when they can mix craft fun with food. And the end result came out looking great.  We focus a lot on the creative around here, which is a lot of fun for the kids, but we also have fun getting ready for kindergarten as well. Next month’s blog post will focus on some of the practice we do with our youngest toddlers all the way on up to our 5 year olds.