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    Good reviews can be hard to come by, so we thought we’d show you ours. We’re not going to pretend these are all unbiased reviews; in some instances we reached out to our parents and asked them to tell us in their own words what they would say to another parent considering Swiss Family Childcare, while other examples are unsolicited         reviews left by our parents.

At anytime during the application process, please feel free to ask for our latest references, our parents have always enjoyed providing positive feedback of our care.

    Not only will you probably get cute photos of your child from us throughout the day, but also about once a month we send out a photo journal to you, and anyone else you want to put on your mailing list, that catalogs the previous month’s highlights.

We separate out the photo journal into fun topics like “Crafty Kids” ,  “Science, Sensory & More”,  and try to include the best videos from the month as well.

Photo Journals are can be viewed on any smart phone, tablet, PC or Mac. You can also download the photos, and share them with friends & family via eMail or text message. Our parents tell us they enjoy the connection it helps them feel with their young one while they’re at work.

Our family consists of myself, my husband, Chris, and our son, Trip. Trip is 8 years old now and is in the 2nd grade. We can’t believe how fast the time is going!!

I’m originally from Switzerland (hence the name of our business), having immigrated to the United States when I was 7 with my family, while Chris is originally from the east coast, having “immigrated” to California in his 20s.

Having the entrepreneurial spirit in my blood, I started my own cleaning business called “Swiss Miss Cleaning”. During this fun time in my life, I stumbled across a man who was taking care of his grand-daughter. This man became my client but soon I was not only cleaning his house but also doing homework and hosting playdates for this little girl.  Within a few months, I found myself giving up more and more of my cleaning business to become a nanny, a mentor, and a tutor and it felt really great! I decided to start exploring the option of taking classes, getting certified and licensed to open my own home childcare center. Very soon friends, and friends of friends starting referring new clients to us and like any good business, things started to grow organically.

Over the past three years, Chris and I have been focused on finding new ways to enhance a child’s experience during their first 5 years, the most important years in a child’s development. We believe in creating a peaceful, structured environment that is conducive to learning using all five senses. We’ve outlined some of the things that we think set us apart from other in-home childcare facilities in the sections below and we think you’ll enjoy the difference when you come tour our home.

How this all started...

Where we’re going...

In the future, we want to grow our business and take on additional licenses to be able to accept even more children and bring new educators into our program. Ultimately, we want to open an off-site preschool facility where we’ll be able to provide an even more amazing experience on an even greater level. We are constantly investing in our childcare business and we know you’ll like the positive improvements you see as we grow!

When we spoke about pouring over every single detail in creating the perfect home child care... we weren’t kidding. When designing a serene playroom, we knew we needed a place where children could relax and learn in a fully immersive, peaceful environment. We worked with a great graphic design artist out of New York that was able to help us transform our living room into the fun jungle safari it is today.

The clouds themselves were even painted using a formula that mathematicians called “The Golden Ratio”, a ratio based on the number denoted by the greek letter phi (φ) shown to have atheistically pleasing properties. One can’t help but feel a sense of calm and peacefulness when they are in the playroom due to these peacefully fluffy clouds.

Nap time transition can sometimes be hardest for our youngest ones as they nap in a special room with cribs for babies and are taken away from the rest of the group. But with our butterfly hallway leading to their special room, distractions are everywhere and lull the babies to sleep.

And with a few hot days a year in Ventura, we make sure the kiddies stay cool with full air conditioning throughout the home and safe from the sun with our covered play area. Skinned knees and cuts from unsafe playing surfaces are also a thing of the past as we’ve invested in eco-friendly soft foam tiling for the harder parts of our outdoor play surfaces, and there’s plenty of grass for the kids to play on as well.

We feel environment is a crucial part of learning. If a child is surrounded by positive imagery and safe playing conditions, they are able to thrive in their early development. One of the greatest compliments we receive is from parents that have transferred their child into our facility. They tell us that their child is noticeably happier at home after the switch was made. And we couldn’t be happier to have had that kind of impact.

We believe children under the age of five learn best when they are fully immersed in the concepts they are learning. That’s why we encourage stimulating all of our children’s senses during both learning and play. We engage in both traditional, sensory-based learning and also have a digital component as well. We incorporate colors, letters, and numbers into our routine as we move throughout our day. Sometimes this is as simple as counting the number of grapes on our plates to more structured crafts like Green Bell Pepper stamping to learn about the shape of a clover and the color green. We also try to find the best demonstrations to build strong scientific foundations in your young one’s mind. A classroom favorite is always the rainfall demonstration that we do on rainy days.  You’ll want to check our blog regularly to see the different activities we’ve done with the kids!

We’ve heavily invested in digital technology specifically for our attendees at Swiss Family Childcare. We currently have several Swiss Family Childcare dedicated iPads pre-installed with preschool themed apps and during certain times the children get dedicated time to use their favorite educational app. We’ve also built our own slideshow and have it streaming in the background to our television displaying animals, colors, and letters. Stories come alive when they aren’t just read aloud, but also AirPlay’d directly to the TV; the letters light up and the characters come alive as the story is listened to by your child. This helps to reinforce the relationship between the word and the sound as the children see and hear it right in front of them. The touch interface of the Apple iPad also helps to build important tactile motor control in our youngest ones and the instant feedback of the apps keep your child engaged in the learning process.

We do not believe in having an iPad babysit your child or entertain your baby mindlessly. When used correctly, technology captures a level of attention never realized in traditional learning alone. We feel our two-prong approach to learning will prepare your child for his or her first big day at Kindergarten and we’re proud to be a partner with you in this process.

Since we moved into our new home, we’ve been constantly looking for ways to make things safest for your young child. Here are some of the highlights that we have to offer.

  1. Our Metal Security Door allows us to screen all applicants that arrive at the home without ever putting the children in jeopardy.

  2. The entire backyard is fenced in with a 7 foot perimeter fence giving your child the privacy they deserve as they run around and play.

  3. The cement patio portion of the backyard has been fitted with eco-friendly foam tiling, leaving either a grass area or foam tile area for the children to play in when they go outside. This means a lot less skinned knees and much happier crawlers!

  4. The backyard play area is also covered, keeping your child from being exposed to harmful UV rays while they are playing. We’ve even installed foam padding around the poles reinforcing the awning to make sure we don’t leave anything to chance!

  5. We use the newest drawer locking mechanisms like magnetic locks, that not only keep things safely locked away but also put an end to pinched fingers that can sometimes happen with traditional drawer locks.

  6. Closed circuit camera feeds allow us to monitor sleeping babies in the nap room while being present for the toddlers in the main room.

  7. In our enrollment packet, we ask specifically who can pick up your child and we adhere to this strictly.

We want you to know that we exercise the same level of caution that any major childcare facility would have when dealing with your child and we pride ourselves in the time we took to ensure this home would meet your standard of safety.

Our newest addition to our website is our Parent Portal. The Parent Portal is where you can find all of your Photo Journals, monthly invoices, a school calendar, and any general announcements all in one place. All of your information is password protected with 256-bit encryption to keep the children’s photos and your billing information completely private.

When you enroll in Swiss Family Childcare, you’ll automatically be setup on our Parent Portal and rest assured, when you leave us after your child enters Kindergarten, you’ll always have access to your photo journals online and have the ability to download all of the photos into your own computer.

Our Care

Our daughter has been attending Swiss Family Childcare for over a year now and we absolutely love the care and attention she receives there. Miss Sabrina does such a great job at coming up with activities and crafts that keep the kids engaged. We really appreciate how Miss Sabrina makes it a priority to keep the parents informed throughout the day with texts and pictures. But most of all we love knowing that our little girl is getting the kid of love and attention throughout the day that she gets at home.

                                                  - Maryza & Jack

“We are so grateful to have found Swiss Family Childcare. Our 3 year old son absolutely enjoys Miss Sabrina and the fun activities she does with the kids. I like the fact that I receive daily texts from her on how his day is going. It’s also reassuring to see that my son is happy and well taken care of. For the value, their childcare rates are unbeatable.”

                                                                  - Sherina

“My son wasn’t with Miss Sabrina very long due to my change in location, but the time he did spend with her was amazing. My son was always excited to go over, and I never had to worry about what he was doing or eating because I knew he was in great, capable hands. Miss Sabrina has such a big heart and she puts so much of it into giving your child the best day possible. She is so full of compassion, honesty and creativity... she is perfect for helping kids grow!”

                                                      - Anna

“After being a stay at home mom for the first 3 years of my daughter’s life, I had to go back to work. Being an over protective mommy, I researched multiple daycares and finally found Swiss Family Childcare. Miss Sabrina didn’t just make sure that my daughter was cared for and fed, she took myself and my daughter in as extended family. Miss Sabrina sent me daily pictures and videos which I am eternally grateful for. I recommend Swiss Family Childcare to anyone who wants the BEST care for their child.”

                                                                       - Jaime

“Sabrina is by far  the best provider out there! She always has great activities for the kids and truly loves her job!  Every time I see her she has a big smile and I know she is passionate about giving top notch care.  My daughter has been at Swiss Family Daycare for over a year now and tells me she wants to stay with Sabrina always.  I can't sing her praises enough!  She does monthly photo journals parents can access through a secure login in her parent portal.  I love seeing all the fun my little one has while I am at work.  She is the best!”

                                     - Jennifer P.

My son loves Miss Sabrina and Swiss Family Childcare.

                                                 -Jennifer R.

Enjoying some family winter fun teaching Trip to ski at Big Bear Mountain.